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Railway Cottage in East Barnet Village

We created this Barnet garden last autumn in and when we visited this week the daffodils were looking so jolly that we thought we would share. The brief for the garden was to create an area of interest to replace the lawn between two existing patios.

railwaty sleeper path, concrete sleepers, garden path, daffodils, pebbles, seaside garden,

The garden belongs to a former railway worker cottage so the use of sleepers seemed fitting. The garden had to be low maintenance and has been planted with a mixture of easy going shrubs and perennials in a lemon yellow and blue colour scheme. It features climbing Roses, blue Geraniums, Salvias, Sisyrinchium and Asters. Evergreen shrubs hold the scheme together and will quickly grow to create height and weight in the area, helping to soften the intersection between the rear patio and the planted area.

concrete sleepers, gravel garden, spring bulbs, narcissus pipit, pebbles,

To herald the spring we planted plenty of bulbs for early interest. In February and March the area was awash with Crocus. Now we are very pleased with this Narcissus Pipit which has a lovely lemon yellow flower with white flecks.

narcissus ppipit

We look forward to seeing the garden in the summer when the planting has matured a bit more.

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