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If you are interested in any of our Garden Design services we welcome all enquiries. We are based in Barnet and serve North London, Hertfordshire and Beyond.

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Garden design

We produce detailed garden plans and specifications which can be used by a landscaper to build your new garden. In order to better help you understand the vision we provide 3D concept drawings.

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Planting Design

New planting schemes are implemented as the final stage of a full garden design but can also be produced when creating a new border or redesigning an existing one. 

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Plant Supply & Planting

We can supply all the plants for your new garden and provide a planting service.

Garden maintenance
Maintenance Information

If you wish to maintain your garden yourself but are new to gardening, we can provide instructions on how to care for each of your new plants along with a monthly table of jobs. We can also make an annual visit to assess the continuing progress of your garden and assist with its on-going development.

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