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Sloping Gardens

Terraced Garden High Barnet

This garden is very steeply sloping, upwards from the house. We created two terraced areas: a patio and a lawn which are linked by sandstone paths and steps. Much of the planted areas remain sloping which enhances the view from the house. The planting itself is tall and on the wild side with a predominance of perennials and grasses. We retained the large standard rose and beautifully shaped apple trees which give the garden the feeling of establishment despite being only one year old.

Laterally Sloping Garden Oakwood

This garden originally sloped steeply from left to right with a shallower slope from top to bottom. A sandstone path takes you from the terrace at the house, through two stepped gravel areas, to a small patio at the lowest point in the garden. A small bistro set here will provide seating for a coffee in the morning sun. Sleeper walls have been used to retain the soil on the right hand side of the garden where raised beds are used for growing vegetables. Beyond this is a planted area which is very low maintenance with a Crab Apple tree which brings seasonal interest.

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