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Long Suburban Gardens

Productive Garden Palmers Green

This is a hardworking garden with two seating areas, to catch the morning and evening sun, a large lawn and a vegetable area. We created a more interesting feel by shaping the lawn and giving the two patios a curved upper edge. The planting scheme is blue, yellow and vibrant pink in a cottage style with plenty of scented plants which were particularly asked for.

Family Garden Palmers Green

This long, narrow garden was made to appear wider and more interesting with the addition of diagonally slanting oval lawns, a new paving area and a deep planting area to the rear. The side return was updated and a steep sloping section replaced with two shallow steps.

Long Shady Garden

This garden is extremely long and shady. The existing layout of a rectangular lawn with a flowerbed running up each side was boring and made the garden feel empty. We divided the garden into two more intimate spaces consisting of oval lawns, connected by a stepping stone path. A new bench was placed to receive the best sun with a view across the garden to a birdbath. Retaining some of the larger existing shrubs and the two trees where the lawns meet, give the planting an immediate sense of maturity and helps to connect the garden to the wider woodland landscape.

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