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10 Ways To Create A Romantic Garden Retreat

As a nod towards valentines day approaching here are 10 ways by which you could turn your garden into a romantic haven.

For romance you need atmosphere and garden lighting doesn't have to cost the earth. Candles cast a warm soft light and this collection of hanging lanterns has been made by recycling glass jars.

Ambiance is also about sound and the trickling sound of water is instantly relaxing.

For seating there are plenty of options. This double swing seat is from Sitting Spiritually. They also make a double swing and you can even have it carved with your own inscription.

Or for lazy summer weekends, perhaps a hammock is for you? This one looks comfortable for two.

If you are lucky enough to have a secluded garden an outdoor bath could be the height of luxury. Situating it just outside the house makes it easily accessible.

An outside shower might conjure up memories of romantic holidays in exotic places.

This one is my favourite. I'm a sucker for a good movie.

Camping out all night in a cosy cabin comes a close second.

Or you could rig up your own secret den.

With quite a lot of forethought you could create your own personal valentines message. Snowdrops would be lovely too.

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