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New Garden Design in Vienna

We are excited to report that we are currently building a garden, for a beautiful apartment block, in Vienna. It will be a low maintenance garden which is designed to be viewed from the surrounding tall buildings while also providing a tranquil setting for residents to relax. There will be paths winding through woodland planting, a circular lawn, gazebo and two seating areas. To the side will be a separate space allocated to one of the apartments which will include a shed and trampoline.

Our plan for the space is based upon circles for contemporary yet relaxed feel. Two existing birches will remain providing dappled shade to the dining area during the hot summers . Three more small trees, Japanese Maples, will be planted to provide height and to enhance the woodland feel requested by the clients.

When we first visited, last Autumn, the garden was a completely empty pallete.

Work has now begun on the site and already we can get an idea of how the garden will take shape.

Towards the end of the month we will be going to Vienna in order to plant up the garden. We are very excited and hoping for dry weather and a little bit of time to enjoy the city.

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