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If you are interested in any of our Garden Design services we welcome all enquiries. We are based in Barnet and serve North London, Hertfordshire and Beyond.

Garden Design Plan
Garden design

We produce detailed garden plans and specifications which can be used by a landscaper to build your new garden. In order to better help you understand the vision we provide 3D concept drawings.

stylish garden
Garden Restyling

Even an established garden can benefit from an update or a new look. We can help the garden regain unity and cohesion through planting, containers, furnishings and lighting.

Planting Plan
Planting Design

New planting schemes are implemented as the final stage of a full garden design but can also be produced when creating a new border or redesigning an existing one. 

beautifully planted container
Planted Containers

We offer annual contracts to provide a changing pallet of exciting seasonal combinations. Our most popular annual service is twice yearly visits, in autumn and spring. For more permanent, year round perennial groupings we provide a single visit service.

Garden consultation and gardening advice

Many clients enjoy creating their own garden but can benefit from a fresh eye to advise on particular problem areas or to help provide inspiration and new ideas. We offer a consultation service to look over your garden and use our experience to offer creative suggestions. If required we will also provide a comprehensive report enabling you to implement the changes in your own time. 

Garden maintenance

Regular care is essential, to ensure your garden reaches its full potential. We offer a range of annual maintenance contracts ranging from twice yearly to monthly visits. During these visits we are also able to assess the continuing progress of your garden and assist with its on-going development.

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