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Revisiting our Vienna Garden

I had a lovely trip to Vienna a couple of weeks ago .

The weather was unseasonably cool but the welcome was, as always, warm.

Enzo and I spent an enjoyable morning in the garden, dead-heading and pulling up the odd weed.

As a new gardener he was worried that he hadn't been looking after it properly, but I could reassure him that he was doing a good job!

After an uncharacteristically mild Winter, the garden we planted in September is really filling out. I had just missed the first flush of Rosa 'Angela', but the bushes are full of new buds so should be full of flowers again in a couple of weeks.

Its a new variety to me( recommended by Stefan Schmidt), but certainly looks like a really healthy one.

The Acer griseum are already filling out and will create a link between the huge trees in the surrounding gardens and the lower story planting.

I am particularly pleased with effect created by the cobbles under the birch trees. They link to stones used on the building and create a focal point in what had been an inhospitable area of the garden.

I am looking forward to watching the garden develop over the coming months and years.

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