Medium Sized Gardens

Wildlife Garden, Knebworth

The brief for this garden was to provide a tranquil and secluded, plant-filled space for a newly retired person to garden and enjoy the wildlife. There are two seating areas, one in the full shade for hotter days, the other with space for dining. The pond has a trickling water feature and is home to a shoal of minnows. It is already attracting a variety of wildlife, including frogs and dragonflies. Bird boxes, feeders and bird baths are being well used; there is also an insect hotel, bee hive and hedgehog hibernation box, hiding amongst the planting.

Pergola Garden, Barnet

Two large sets of folding sliding doors, on this modern extension, demanded that the garden look attractive year round. The hard lines of the pergola and silver granite paving make a strong, permanent frame for the softer, more changeable planting. The dining area has a great feeling of enclosure without really being enclosed and metal trellis running across the garden behind the patio will disguise a washing line and trampoline. 

Plantswoman's Garden

This hardworking garden belongs to Anne. The large planting beds are used to try out new plants and combinations. At the time of photographing it sizzles with reds, oranges and yellows as summer turns to autumn. The Koelreuteria paniculata tree is a spectacular, seasonally changing centerpiece having flowers followed by seedpods and beautiful autumn colour. On the flat roof Anne is also experimenting with green roof plants, pictured here in spring. If you want to know more about the green roof you can read about it in our blog.

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Pergola Garden 5